Unmount the drive so that no one other than you can use it

Hi! Friends here is a very useful trick for you to hide / unmount the drive without any passwords.

This trick is to just hide the drive:

  1. Click Start -> Run type regedit in the box and click OK
  2. Navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ Explorer

  1. From the menu, navigate to Edit -> New -> DWORD Value
  2. Name the New Value NoDrives
  3. Next, Right click NoDrives and select Modify, now check the Decimal option and under Value Data enter a decimal value for the drive you would like to hide. For example to hide C you would enter 4. See the list below for more values:
    • A=1
    • B=2
    • C=4
    • D=8
    • E=16
    • F=32
    • G=64
    • H=128
    • I=256
  4. Click OK once finished and restart your PC to verify the drive letter is no longer displayed

Note: You can delete the key that was created to display the drive again.

Warning : This is not much secure as any one can open the drive if he / she knows the drive name. We can open it through run window or explorer by typing just the drive name (e.g. If G is hidden than also we can open it by typing G:)
Here is a trick to unmount the drive so that no one can use it.
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