Diverging Diamond Interchange

What you see above is the “diverging diamond,” a freeway-and-surface-street interchange system that reduces the number of conflict points and, in theory, traffic delays, by having drivers switch to the left-hand side of the road temporarily. It’s a French innovation, but it’s starting to catch on in the states.

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Largest Wooden Sculpture

The power of a wood structure is defined in a striking new edifice. A wood canopy of six parasols has been erected in Seville, Spain. Completed last month, it was designed by Berlin architect J. Mayer H., with timber construction by Finnforest-Merk GmbH, Aichach. Metropol Parasol, is it is formally known, is built of 3,400 wooden parts, is over 90 feet tall almost 500 feet long.

The structure is made of  interlocking pieces of wood  held together mostly with glue and with metal clamps. Costing an estimated 130 million Euros and built over the course of five years, the structure is designed as an urban icon to draw attention to Seville, and reclaim an underutilized urban area. Restaurants and shops are embedded in the towers and below the canopy. A view walkway crowns the top. Architect Mayer designed it as an entry in a competition in 2004.

Mayer describes it:

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Denmark’s Wave Building

The architects of this “Wave” building in Denmark describe it as resembling waves during the day, and mountains in the evenings. Me? I think it looks like a camel caught in quick-sand, with only its two humps poking through.

Whatever it looks like, it’s just won a LEAF award for residential building of the year—which must be pleasing for its 140 apartments’ tenants.


Watching the City through a 170 Feet Glass Rainbow

The newest artwork in Denmark’s ARoS museum wouldn’t make much sense anywhere but the roof: Your Rainbow Panorama stretches 170 feet across, offering visitors a 360 degree view of the surrounding city in dazzling technicolor.

Your Rainbow Panorama, a work by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson, is slated for completion this Fall, treating museum visitors to views that will look something like this:

But it might look even more spectacular from ground level:

The walkway will measure 9 feet by 9 feet and the steel supporting it will weigh, in total, over 200 tons, which means that this rainbow is requiring some serious construction.


Salute to those architectures.. awesome!!

All the buildings reflect the desire of their creators. The builders have stepped away from the ordinary standard of architecture, we can say that these prominent structures are among the unique treasures of the world, which transmit the bizarre sense of uniqueness, which shows contemporary exotic forms of external and internal design and permissible visionary architect.

Atomium in Brussels, Belgium
Stone House (Stone house) in Guimaraes, Portugal

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