Diverging Diamond Interchange

What you see above is the “diverging diamond,” a freeway-and-surface-street interchange system that reduces the number of conflict points and, in theory, traffic delays, by having drivers switch to the left-hand side of the road temporarily. It’s a French innovation, but it’s starting to catch on in the states.

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Architectural Music Light Show


I love what happens when you put technology in the hands of very creative people like André Chocron. Using only time-lapse photography, the Norwegian director created one of the best music light shows I’ve seen.

Chorcon filmed old apartment buildings in Oslo, Norway and used the lights in each room as the medium for his light show. He captured each building using time-lapse photography taken at night. Using this technique, he was able to get pictures of each room with the lights on and off. He then used a computer to map the lights in a pattern to the tune “Time is of the essence” by Cold Mailman. If you have no idea what this means, watch the video and it will all make sense. The results are simply amazing.

Why CTRL+ALT+DEL Does Not Open Task Manager In Windows XP

Hi Friends,

At work, I have a Windows XP  computer. When I use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+DEL, Task Manager does not open. Instead the login box appears.

Many of you have faced the same problem like this.. Right?? I had found the sollution and I want to share it with you.

The Welcome Screen is the simple login screen that shows your user icon during login. You just click your username and enter your password to login.

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“Straddling” bus–a cheaper, greener and faster alternative to commute

A big concern on top of urban transportation planner’s mind is how to speed up the traffic: putting more buses on the road will jam the roads even worse and deteriorate the air; building more subway is costly and time consuming. Well, here is an cheaper, greener and fast alternative to lighten their mind up a bit: the straddling bus, first exhibited on the 13th Beijing International High-tech Expo in May this year. In the near future, the model is to be put into pilot use in Beijing’s Mentougou District (bjnews). (The official site of the high-tech expo put it as 3D fast bus)

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Do you believe this is a GUN…

it’s actually an elaborate, 125-piece puzzle. The solution? A single-shot 45-caliber muzzle-loading pistol called the Intimidator. No, seriously. See for yourself.

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Unmount the drive so that no one other than you can use it

Hi! Friends here is a very useful trick for you to hide / unmount the drive without any passwords.

This trick is to just hide the drive:

  1. Click Start -> Run type regedit in the box and click OK
  2. Navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ Explorer

  1. From the menu, navigate to Edit -> New -> DWORD Value
  2. Name the New Value NoDrives
  3. Next, Right click NoDrives and select Modify, now check the Decimal option and under Value Data enter a decimal value for the drive you would like to hide. For example to hide C you would enter 4. See the list below for more values:
    • A=1
    • B=2
    • C=4
    • D=8
    • E=16
    • F=32
    • G=64
    • H=128
    • I=256
  4. Click OK once finished and restart your PC to verify the drive letter is no longer displayed

Note: You can delete the key that was created to display the drive again.

Warning : This is not much secure as any one can open the drive if he / she knows the drive name. We can open it through run window or explorer by typing just the drive name (e.g. If G is hidden than also we can open it by typing G:)
Here is a trick to unmount the drive so that no one can use it.
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