Urban Speed Car Meet

Urban Speed car meet” held every second sunday of the month for the last 3 years now in Houston. Here are some cool snaps …

Chevy Camaro

Ford Mustang

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Audi car made of PAPER

Taras Lesko was commissioned by Audi to make a detailed papercraft model of the 2012 Audi A7.

Paper car was created out of 750 unique parts. Each part was printed and assembled using reference photography and A7 blueprints.

It took 245 hours and 285 sheets of paper to finish the project.

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Most Stolen CARS in USA

10. 2009 Toyota Corolla

 Trade-In Value*: $11,100
Original Price in 2009: $15,910
New  Car Value (2011): $17,400

The Toyota Corolla is one of the “best loved cars in America” according to Kelley Blue Book . It rates high on maintenance and resale value — and it gets decent gas mileage. The 2011 had just “minor cosmetic changes,” which means parts from prior year models can be used in the newer models, which makes the car very attractive to car thieves Roughly 800,000 to one million cars are stolen in America every single year. Many of the same models are on the list every year but it’s not just because they’re the most popular vehicles.

 It’s primarily because they have parts that don’t change much from year to year – and most cars are stolen for the parts, not to drive around, explained Geoff Keah, a special investigator for assurance . So, thieves who steal a 1994 model, for example, could sell the parts to use in models for 1995, 1996, etc.

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Toyota launches five “plug-in Hybrid” concepts for trial

The concept cars in question us a conventional petrol engine along with an electric motor. The electric motor is powered by lithium-ion batteries and can drive the car without the use of the petrol engine for up to 20km. If the electricity ‘runs out’ the car can continue to be driven like a normal petrol vehicle.

Toyota says the batteries can be recharged in around 100 minutes through an external power socket.

The Victorian Electric Vehicle Trial by Toyota has been launched in Melbourne earlier today. Five concept vehicles will be given to government and local businesses to test their effectiveness within the infrastructure.

Max Yasuda, Toyota Australia President and CEO, said about the launch,

As a leader in the automotive industry and the development of low emissions vehicles, Toyota Australia is pleased to be giving Victorians the chance to drive the concept plug-in hybrid.


U really love to have one of these half-scale sports cars

The manufacturer calls these beautiful half-scale sports cars—from the Porsche 356 to the Jaguar above—”children’s cars.” Whatever. They fit an adult perfectly fine…

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