Heaven on the Earth


KASHMIR.. “Heaven on the Earth”. I visited it quite a time ago and njoyedย bliss and delight and peace of kashmir. The atmosphere was really amazing and refreshing. Here I have shared some of the pics.









27 thoughts on “Heaven on the Earth

  1. At times I really feel it is very over rated as compared to the beauty around the world especially in the European and Scandinavian regions. Yes, it is beautiful but not the only beautiful place in the world. Our seven sisters of North East are far more beautiful.

    Nice article though, great pictures!

    • Hi Sumukh,

      You may be right..
      You should visit kashmir once if not… Don’t Go there for just travelling.. You should live kashmir and you will definitely agree what other says.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. kashmir looks BEAUTIFUL. india and it’s region is high on my places to travel to, but unfortunately probably won’t be able to hit it in 2012. thank you so much for the photos… a foretaste of the feast, so to speak. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. simply stunning! On the list of places to visit with my family.I love to show the kids all the different places and cultures of the world while they are still young enough to just appreciate it with no pre- conceived ideas of what a place is like, it is their to discover and enjoy!

  4. Beautiful photos. I agree — it looks so peaceful and calm. I especially liked the photo of the boy rowing the flowers. Do you know where he was bringing them? A fair, a grocer, an event? I’ve never seen someone row flowers before.

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