Salute to those architectures.. awesome!!

All the buildings reflect the desire of their creators. The builders have stepped away from the ordinary standard of architecture, we can say that these prominent structures are among the unique treasures of the world, which transmit the bizarre sense of uniqueness, which shows contemporary exotic forms of external and internal design and permissible visionary architect.

Atomium in Brussels, Belgium
Stone House (Stone house) in Guimaraes, Portugal

La Tete au Carre in Nice, France. Inside is a library
Edificio mirador in Madrid
Calakmul building – a building in a giant washing machine. Mexico
Olympic Stadium in Montreal
Lotus Temple. New Delhi, India
Catholic cathedral in the capital of Brazil – Brasilia. Serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Brasilia
Library of Alexandrina. Alexandria, Egypt
Denver Art Museum
National Theater (Beijing)
Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea
Wooden skyscraper in Arkhangelsk. Demolished in 2009
Church of hallgrimur (Lutheran Church) in Reykjavik, Iceland
Milwaukee Art Museum (Museum of Art, Milwaukee). Milwaukee, USA
Another upside-down house (Upside down house) in Shimbarke, Poland

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